Escape attempt foiled at Lafourche jail

Four inmates attempted to escape from the Lafourche Parish Jail last week.

On June 23, investigators learned that four inmates were plotting an escape. At the time of the discovery, authorities said the suspects had already broken several windows and removed a meta security screen from a window on a cell block.

Investigators also discovered that a portion of an exterior wall of the cell block had been chipped away near the cells of the four inmates, who are identified as Coty Bruce, 31, Eric Castagnetta, 31, Dylan Dedon, 23 and Perry Perrin Jr., 37.

The inmates did about $3,000 in damage, according to authorities.

During the course of the investigation, detectives also learned that the four inmates attacked another inmate in the jail, allegedly giving him a broken nose and a laceration to his head.

Investigators obtained warrants for each of the four inmates and they now all face charges of simple escape, felony simple criminal damage to property and second-degree battery.

Each inmate’s bond has increased by a total of $100,000 for the new charges.

Bruce was held on charges of burglary and drug possession. His bond is now $112,750.

Perrin was held on charges of armed robbery and drug possession. His bond is now $205,300.

Castagnetta and Dedon are now housed in other parishes.

Castagnetta was serving time for a parole violation and was in Lafourche on a writ due to several drug and weapons charges.

Dedon is serving time for aggravated assault with a firearm and property damage.

Escape suspects