TPSO: Chauvin drug arrest shows benefit of proactive patrols

Everyone knows what a cop car looks like.

But the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office has other ways to patrol local streets.

TPSO sent out a news release today saying that they house a fleet of anti-crime units that are part of “Proactive Patrol,” a program designed to make maximum use of personnel for preventive and responsive patrol activities.

“In addition to the patrol division we are utilizing narcotics agents, traffic control units and sometimes detectives to widen our reach in this very large parish,” said Col. Terry Daigre, Chief Criminal Deputy. “This has led to arrests of felons with guns and seizure of drugs and other items.”

Last week, the proactive patrol was put to the test.

A stop was conducted by narcotics agents for a traffic violation in Chauvin.

After investigation, five convicted felons were arrested on charges that included illegal possession of a loaded Intratec 9 mm handgun with an extended magazine.

Charges were also filed for possession with intent to distribute heroin.

Col. Daigre said such arrests carry an important message for law-breakers.

“Even if they don’t see us, we are seeing them,” Col. Daigre said. “Pro-active patrols aimed at detecting and curbing crime are tools in use throughout the parish, day and night.”

In the above-mentioned incident, a passenger of the car agents were attempting to pull over bailed, then jumped into Bayou Petit Caillou to elude capture.

Agents found him hiding under a wharf.

He and the other suspects were taken into custody at the Terrebonne Parish Jail.

They were: Jansen Michael Simon, 32, who attempted escape; Blaize Adam Luke, 22 and Tanya Lynn Lyons, 48, all of Chauvin, and Joshua Lagarde, 31, and Lorenzo Arniaze of Houma.