“Shooting da Crap” Taking Aim At Its 8th Year

Seated upon porcelain thrones, marksmen in Cut Off will take aim at skeets.


For 8 years, Joe Septic Contractors has hosted the “Shooting da Crap,” clay shooting charity event behind his business at 15360 Hwy 3235, and this year it will be March 7, Saturday.


“It’s all intertwined in the business aspect we do to make it a unique event,” said Chad Boudreaux, founder of the event. “It’s pretty cool man and we draw a lot of people.”


The event is a light-hearted themed clay shooting competition where shooters fire at the skeets from toilet humored stations. There are ten stations total, 100 shots, and each station is a cut out portalet. For the final station, the shooter takes aim from a seated position.


“The last station we have a platform and a toilet and you sit on the toilet and you shoot the last station off the toilet,” said Boudreaux.



Other events include the “pooper shoot,” and the “chicken drop.” For the “pooper shoot,” contestants use a potato gun and try to fire a tennis ball into a portalet.

“Chicken drop” has contestants guess what square a chicken will defecate on.


There is also a long-bird even where contestants attempt to shoot a distant skeet. Successful marksmen in the long-bird and/or the “pooper shoot” are put in separate drawings for a chance to win a gun.


The event was created as a way to raise money for The Center for Pediatric Therapy special needs scholarship fund as well as “Gift Kids The World.”



Boudreaux said his heart was touched when he visited Florida to give the check to Gift Kids The World, “they house families with terminally ill children… it’s a great program man,” he said.


“It pays for the kids and the family to go for a week – they house them and bring them to Disney,” said Boudreaux. “To get their minds off what they’re going through.”


The event has donated around $255,000 over 7 years.


There will be food such jambalaya and pastalaya, as well as spit-roasted pig, and Boudreaux said the general public is welcome to come eat and enjoy the music.


Boudreaux said he takes entries up to the morning it starts. For a team of 4, the cost is $500 which includes shirts and a swag bag. There is also a $2,000 and $5,000 sponsorship level.


The first shots begin at 8am, and the second shooting is at 12:30. At 3pm auctions begin, then awards, and finally there are registered shooter drawings after that which is for a 12 gauge shotgun.