Proper Mardi Gras Manners

Carnival season is in full swing in the Houma-Thibodaux area, with several parades still set to roll heading into Fat Tuesday. Before you attend your next one, learn these proper Mardi Gras manners. 


No. 1: Let that nearby child catch that throw. 


Okay, you can’t help it if something is thrown directly at you, but those beads or that foam football that is about to land a few feet in front of you is probably not for you. Don’t lunge forward with your right hand out — while your left hand is spilling your Bud Light on the kid’s head in front of you —  just to catch the throw, forever ruining Mardi Gras and the taste of beer for that impressionable young child. 


No. 2: Play certain types of music at a low volume, or play their clean versions. 


I am a huge hip-hop fan. I’ve been listening to the most popular genre in the world (It’s a fact. Don’t @ me.) since I can remember. However, it does — at times — contain some “inappropriate” language. I suggest playing it at a lower volume (or blast the clean version) just so the people, who are of age to indulge, close to you can enjoy. The same goes for country music but because Mardi Gras is a party; people nearby can’t get crunk to Tim McGraw. 


No. 3: Men and women—please keep your shirts on. 


I get it: You filled up on daiquiris, maybe had a few shots of Patrón. The weather is appealing, and you feel as though you’re on top of the world. That doesn’t mean your top should come off. This ain’t Bourbon Street and ain’t nobody tryin’ to see that. 


No. 4: Find a less-populated area to smoke. 


Once again, I get it. I smoked cigarettes for roughly 10 years of my life. But when I did light up during parades, it was always at a significant distance from the dense area along the route. You can do it as well. Just take a few steps back so your smoke clouds aren’t bothering your fellow Mardi Gras enthusiasts nearby.  


No. 5: Don’t throw anything at the Krewe members


Yes, you just got hit in the face or another sensitive area, but it was (most likely) an accident. Or you didn’t catch that specialty bead that the gentleman or lady had been dangling in front of you from the top row. Just relax. It happens. Don’t get angry and throw your shoe at them — you’ll need it for the rest of the parade anyway. You ever stepped barefoot on a Mardi Gras bead? 


No. 6: Throw away your trash. 


It’s really simple: Just discard your trash and the trash in your proximity to the nearest trash can. If you’re catching a Houma parade, look for one of the 100 blue garbage carts added along the route this year. 


No. 7: Enjoy yourself. 


If you are going to just complain about the weather, or the crowd, or throws or the riders (unless warranted), just stay at home. This unique holiday is all about fun, so try your hardest to enjoy this celebration. 


Which rules did I miss? Let me know in the comment section of our Facebook page.