Bayou Studies Symposium to be held during Rougarou Festival

The fourth-annual Nicholls Bayou Studies Symposium will be held later this month during the always-popular Rougarou Festival in Houma.

The symposium will add an academic component to the well-known festival, while also opening the work of Bayou Studies up to the greater community.

The symposium will take place on Oct. 21 in the lobby of Hancock Whitney Bank in downtown Houma. It will be free to the public.  

“Nicholls faculty and students do not just sit at their desks and teach their classes. They go out into the community because they care about the community,” said Dr. Gary LaFleur Jr., Center for Bayou Studies director and associate professor of biological sciences. “This is a way to share ways that Nicholls is having a fundamental effect on Terrebonne Parish, and then be able to say, ‘If you like this, you should be a student at Nicholls. This is what we do at Nicholls.’”

Bayou Studies research posters will be displayed at 11 a.m. at the symposium with presenters answering questions at 1 p.m.

The event will also feature a presentation from Dr. LaFleur about the Last Island Hurricane of 1856, which killed 300 people. 

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser will also be on hand and will give an award to former Nicholls professor James Sothern, who authored a history of the Last Island Hurricane. 

Dr Lafleur