Chaisson: “We are at a 90 precent negative rate”

Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson provided his parish with their daily update earlier this afternoon.


In his update, Chaisson referenced the new numbers being provided by the state on how many tests are being reported completed in each parish. “If you take the number of total number of tests, which is over 600, and divide it by the number of positives, it puts us at about a 10 percent positive rate, which means we are at a 90 precent negative rate. Which is good.”


In regards to questions about enacting a curfew or a lock-down, Chaisson said all rumors to that means are currently false, but that people need to still obey the current Stay at Home order.


“It would be very easy for me to say just lock it down and we’ll make everyone stay home, but that has a huge trickle down effect. Not only to other parish agencies such as the Sheriff’s Office who has to enforce that sort of thing, but to the economy as a whole… We are counting on you to use some common sense.”


Chaisson referenced a text message image going around with the National Guard logo on it, that says there’s two week national quarantine coming, which is false. Please do not share this message, even though it looks official.


More information is expected to be coming based on the Governor deciding to extend the Stay at Home order until April 30.