Chaisson: ‘You will see some Further Restrictions on this Parish’

During his daily COVID-19 (coronavirus) update this afternoon, Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson said more restrictions for the Parish are coming. 


“I’m giving everyone fair warning at this point that in the coming days you will see some further restrictions on this Parish,” he said. “I have said all along that this is not about politics for me. This is about keeping our community safe.” 


“…Because of these growing numbers, I feel the need that we are going to have some further restrictions on not only what businesses are essential and what businesses I will allow to stay open but also the amount of traffic we will have in some of our grocery stores and big box stores across this parish.” 


The comments come after Lafourche jumped up in cases to 158, which is 53 more than reported yesterday. 

Chaisson also referenced the community gathering in front of Terrebonne General Medical Center last night. He said he received messages of possibly something similar happening at Lafourche hospitals. But he said that will not happen


“…I will not allow nor condone anything like that to happen right now in Lafourche Parish. I’ve told you guys the need to stay home for the last three weeks, and there is no need, no need to have a mass gathering anywhere to pray,” he said. “…With the support of law enforcement, we will make sure nothing like that happens.”


“God will hear your prayers from your living room. God will hear your prayers from your fishing boat. God will hear your prayers when you lay in bed at night,” he added. 


Chaisson also noted that it’s not an obliteration of anyone’s rights or religion, and that he’s prayed every single minute that he possibly could over the last few weeks. 


“Again,not meaning to offend anyone, but again, some people are just not getting the message that it’s time to stay home,” he said. “I seem frustrated, and I’ve announced my frustrations over the last several days. But we’re at that point now where this is serious.” 


“Am I fearful? No,” he continued. “We have an idea of what’s going on. So not fearful, not panicked but it is time we make some swift decisions for the safety of our community.”