Cindy goes inland; area mostly unscathed

Tropical Storm Cindy is now inland. 

Coastal Louisiana has mostly survived her impacts without too much of a hitch.

On Thursday morning, Cindy made landfall without any surprises – right on the Texas/Louisiana border where it’s been forecasted to land for several days. 

Locally, Cindy was little more than a nuisance with damages mostly coming along the coasts where high waters overtook roads and property. 

In Lafourche Parish, water remains on La. Highway 1 south of Golden Meadow all the way to Grand Isle, but the road remains open.

In Terrebonne, low-lying areas were also affected, but all roadways are open, as well.

Officials with both parishes said Cindy was a good test to storm protection systems in advance of the heart of the storm season in August and September. 

See the paper edition of The Times on Wednesday for an in-depth, detailed look at what parish officials say are challenges going forward. 

Tropical Storm Cindy

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