Early voting reports good turnout, busiest days ahead

Early voting opened on Saturday, September 28 and continues through this Saturday, October 5. Terrebonne Parish has experienced a higher voter turnout than the last comparative election held in 2015. The seven-day, in-person total in 2015 was 4121 voters. As of Thursday evening, the voter turnout had exceeded that number, with a total of 4999 in-person voters. 

“We have had a great turnout so far,” said Rhonda Rogers, Terrebonne Registrar. “If past numbers serve as an indicator, we expect our busiest days to be today and Saturday.”

The daily totals are as follow: 

Thursday – 1055

Wednesday – 996

Tuesday – 962

Monday – 941

Saturday – 1045

Anyone that is registered to vote in the October 12 election can early vote at the Registrar of Voters office, located in Government Towers. You are asked to be prepared to vote to help lines move quickly. A sample ballot can be viewed at www.geauxvote.com. You have three minutes at your machine to cast your votes. The poll are open from 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. today and Saturday.

“Things come up in life that may prevent you from making it to the polls on Election Day,” said Rogers. “This gives you the opportunity to cast your vote. I also encourage all offshore workers who may not know their work schedule to come in and vote just in case that call comes in and you need to go to work next weekend.”

Rogers also reminds voters that all early voting locations and Election Day precincts are campaign-free zones. Electioneering is prohibited within 600 feet. This includes t-shirts, caps, button, signs, bumper stickers, and/or discussion about candidates or issues on a ballot. 

Finally, Rogers offers this encouragement to those who arrive to a bit of a line. 

“Don’t let the line intimidate you,” she shares. “It moves fast. We have a great staff that will help get you in and out quickly.”