Fire Consumes Building in Houma

Flames reached toward the sky from a building, visible from the Houma Twin Span Bridge, Saturday, February 8.


Houma Fire Department received the call at 7:40 a.m., and within minutes was on scene at 117 Cardiere St. The building was used for storage by Vickie Owens, who thinks the fire may have been started by a ceramic heater she left on for two kittens she rescued.

“The very thing I tried to save is the very thing that ended up dead,” she said. “I’m just glad nobody was hurt.”


The firefighters brought her the remains of one kitten in a bag, she said. The other has not been found yet.


Owens said she intended to open a thrift store, and used the building as storage. 


Nothing was salvageable. 


Chief fireman Keith Ward said it took 45 minutes to contain the fire because firefighters had difficulty getting to the seat of the fire. At 10:32 a.m., 25 firefighters were still on site to ensure all the hotspots were extinguished.


According to Ward, utilities for nearby roads were temporarily cut off for safety purposes. No other buildings were damaged in the fire.