Hypertension leading pre-existing condition in Coronavirus deaths in Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Health released new data this afternoon about the Coronavirus fatalities in our state.


As of noon today, Louisiana was reporting 582 deaths related to COVID-19. In most of those deaths, patients had underlying conditions. The most common is hypertension, or abnormally high blood pressure.


The most common pre-existing conditions in those patients were:

– Hypertension (66.4%)

– Diabetes (43.5%)

– Chronic kidney disease (25.1%)

– Obesity (24.7%)

– Cardiac Disease (22.67%)

– Pulmonary (13.97%)

– Congestive Heart Failure (11.54%)

– Neurological (10.93%)

– Cancer (9.92%)

– Asthma (4.66%)



The last time LDH shared a list of underlying conditions, which was on March 27, hypertension was not on the list. Diabetes was the number one underlying condition, at 41 percent, followed by chronic kidney disease at 31 percent.


Today’s update also showed race and ethnicity of the deceased. Over 70 percent of Louisiana residents that have died from COVID-19 are Black. 98 percent are non-Hispanic/Latino.