LDH resolves technical issues; new numbers reflect two days’ growth

Today, the Louisiana Department of Health is reporting the total number of cases has risen to 39,577. That’s 775 new cases since Thursday’s report.

(LDH has resolved the technical issues it reported on May 29. Today’s update is inclusive of data that would have been reported yesterday.)

The state is reporting 19 new deaths, bringing the total to 2,680 deaths.


The total of presumed recovered as of 5/24 is 28,700. That’s 2,451 new presumed recovered from last week’s total. (Presumed recovered counts are updated on Mondays.)


Lafourche Parish is reporting 809 cases, 20 more than Thursday. They are reporting no new deaths, keeping the total at 71.


Terrebonne Parish is reporting 667 cases, 14 more than Thursday. The state is reporting 51 deaths.


Statewide, there are 674 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, 84 are on ventilators. That’s 40 fewer patients than yesterday, and 6 fewer patients on vents.


The state lab is reporting 20,395 tests** have been completed by their lab and 348,424 commercial tests** have been performed. This brings the total of tests to 368,819, which is 13,792 more tests than Thursday’s report.


Locally, Lafourche is reporting 718 state tests, 78 more than Thursday; and 6,784 commercial tests, 165 more than Thursday.


Terrebonne is reporting 670 state tests, 195 more than Thursday; and 6,710 commercial tests, 217 more than Thursday.


**Tests reported here include those completed by the LDH Office of Public Health Laboratory and those performed by commercial labs and reported to the state. Tests are assigned to parish based on the residence of the individual being tested when possible. Some negative test results from commercial labs may not have been reported to the state. Some of the commercial test results reported to the state are from out of state.