Local Professor to Teach in Paris

A Nicholls teacher has been selected to teach in Paris.

Dr. Andy Simoncelli, associate professor of mass communication and director of distance education, will be teaching 80 students, “Digital Transformation in Higher Education and other Traditional Business Models.”

“I am excited to not only visit Paris but to discuss digital transformation with the French students,” Dr. Simoncelli said. “I am looking forward to everyone bringing different ideas to the discussion based on our various backgrounds.”

Dr. Simoncelli, who oversees the award-winning Nicholls Online program, will discuss how digital technology is changing how businesses alter their practices, including in higher education.

De Vinci International Week 2020 will last from March 16-20. Organized by the school, the event aims to give students a wide variety of global experience and expertise. The week includes classes and presentations taught by visiting professors, an international challenge organized by their student organization and an academic exchange program fair.