No amoeba found; disinfectant change part of plan

Consolidated Waterworks District Number 1 has informed customers they will make a temporary switch from Chloramines, to free chlorine as their primary disinfectant.

Chlorine and chloramines are common disinfectants used by water suppliers to kill bacteria in drinking water. This change in disinfectant applies to the customers whose water comes from the Schriever Water Plant. It does not include customers that live along Bayou Dularge and Bayou Grand Caillou.

The District annually changes disinfectant as part of their Nitrification Plan. Warmer water temperatures increase nitrification. To clear pipes throughout the system of nitrification, they yearly change to free chlorine.

While this change has often been associated with the presence of bacteria, independent testing initiated by Consolidated Waterworks has returned negative results for Naegleria Fowleri at the end of the distribution system in Point-aux-Chenes. The test results were released on May 30, 2019.