Organization turns over its account balance to area schools

The Best of the Bayou Music Foundation announced this week that the 2017 BOB Festival was its last.

The festival had six runs and it brought local and regional music talent to Houma, as well as food, crafts and vendors. 

The event was founded at the beginning of this decade when the economy was far different than it is today.

During the downturn in the local oil and gas industry, BOB struggled to maintain funding sources, which led to the decision to scrap plans for a 2018 festival.

“It is bittersweet for this committee to end this festival,” said Tim McNabb, the festival chairman. “Many of us have put in years of blood, sweat and tears into making this wonderful festival for our community to enjoy. Sadly, there are just not enough funds to keep the festival going at this point. Rather than give a subpar festival, we would prefer to end on a high note and ‘go out with a bang.'” 

The ‘bang’ that McNabb referenced will be a huge aid to local schools.

The Foundation will make a donation to all local high schools in Terrebonne Parish this year, while also establishing a perpetual endowment fund to issue grants for music appreciation and education in the community for the future.

Local schools will receive the following from BOB. 

  • Private high schools in Terrebonne (Vandebilt, CCA and Houma Christian) will receive a one-time donation of $2,300 to use for their music departments or music appreciation and education. 
  • Public high schools in Terrebonne (Terrebonne, South Terrebonne, H.L. Bourgeois and Ellender) will receive a one-time donation of $1,000 to use for their music departments or music appreciation and education with the understanding that more money will be available in the form of music grants.
  • All remaining funds ($55,000) will be donated to TFAE’s endowment fund to establish a perpetual music grant for local public schools. The interest from this endowment will be used for grants to enhance music education and appreciation for generations to come.

BOB Fest