Terrebonne OHSEP reports 8 coronavirus deaths in parish

*Number of Coronavirus Cases in Terrebonne Parish: 97 (Increase of 42 from April 1, 2020)
*Deaths Confirmed by the Terrebonne Parish Coroner’s Office: 8 (March 26 to April 2)


Starting today, Terrebonne Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness will begin reporting the number of deaths due to complications of coronavirus that are reported by the Terrebonne Parish Coroner’s office in order to get an accurate number from a reputable source. The eight deaths reported today are from a span of eight days from March 26, 2020 to April 2, 2020.


The large increase in coronavirus cases was due to the influx of test results from a backlog of testing from commercial laboratories and the increase and improved capacity of testing. Some of these tests were conducted 10 days ago. There is still a backlog of tests and large influxes may continue as long as a backlog exists. A majority of these patients are NOT hospitalized.