Terrebonne Rec. 2-3 approves funds for disc golf course

Houma’s first disc golf course will potentially be here by early 2020.  

At their board meeting last night, members of Terrebonne Parish Recreation District 2/3 unanimously approved a proposal by board member Ryan Page to allocate $5,000 of the 2020 budget to build a 9-hole pitch & putt disc golf course at Summerfield Park.  

An 18-hole course is included in the Bayou Country Sports Park masterplan, but Page said he hopes to introduce the sport to Terrebonne Parish by setting up short-distance 9-hole courses, which will make it easier for residents to pick up on the game.

Last night, Page also proposed locations at Rozands Park and the Terrebonne Parish Main Library. At the library location, members of the community would be able to rent discs for free with a library card.  

The board agreed to vote on those proposals at a later meeting, after receiving the public’s feedback on the Summerfield course and the value of bringing the sport to the parish.  

The sport can bring a lot of opportunities to the area, Page said, as the sport’s popularity continues to grow. As it grows in the area, he hopes to work with other districts to create more courses in the parish and eventually create sporting events.  


So, what’s disc golf?  

“Disc Golf is played like traditional ball golf, but instead of using a club and balls, players use flying discs. Like ball golf, the player starts at hole one and throws from the tee. The player progresses down the fairway by throwing from the spot where the previous throw landed,” reads prodigycoursedesign.com “The hole is completed when the disc has landed in the basket. The object is to complete the course with the fewest amounts of throws.”  

The website also notes that virtually anyone can play the sport and it can make an economic impact on a community.  

“Disc Golf is now recognized as one of the fastest growing games in the world. Professionally designed courses have a direct impact on local economies by attracting enthusiasts who travel the globe in order to play well-designed courses,” according to Prodigy. “There are over 3,500 professional events run each year, creating excitement in communities all over the world.”  


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