Prep sports, get ready! You may be able to start back on June 8

While no official word has been sent out as of yet, a memo shared by a Louisiana high school basketball team shows LHSAA athletes will likely not return until June 8.


We do know an LHSAA executive committee meeting was held this afternoon, and that several news outlets have started to report the items shared in this memo as fact. The Times has reached out for comment and will confirm when possible.


The memo features a list of bullet points that include:

• Everything is on hold until June 8th

• More details will be released closer to the 8th

• Safety of students/coaches #1 concern

• This means to workouts, practices, banquets, etc.

• Anticipated to open on June 8, but may be limited to what you can do/number of students/contact/ no contact, etc.

• No summer camps

• Fall plans are being worked on now… what ifs.


Stay with us as we work to confirm the future of prep sports.