Arlen B. Cenac Jr & Cenac Marine Services Receive Safest 70 Award

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December 26, 2020
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December 26, 2020

Cenac Marine Services and Main Iron Works were once again awarded the LWCC Safest 70 Award for 2019. LWCC’s Safest 70 Awards celebrate policyholders who share their commitment to workplace safety standards while also supporting Louisiana through their products and services. The award acknowledges Cenac’s leadership in providing its employees with a safe workplace which has always been at the top of Benny Cenac’s priority list. This is the 9th Safest 70 Award Benny Cenac’s company has received in recent years.

Cenac has been headquartered in Houma for more than 90 years and has a proven history of safety in the workplace as an LWCC Policy holder for 27 years. “The safety policy of Cenac Marine Services is based on the conviction that the well-being of our employees is our employees is our first consideration,” said Tim Moore, Safety Manager at Cenac Marine Services.

Arlen B. Cenac, Jr. knows the value of safety and the importance of it for his entire staff. The Cenac team continuously strives for the highest caliber of safety. Cenac credits LWCC for his success in implementing safety standards. “Making improvements and addressing safety recommendations from LWCC is what helps us to stay ahead of the game. Their partnership with us is key to our success in safety for both our employees and any visitors and vendors we may have,” stated Benny Cenac.

Cenac Marine’s dedication to safety is matched by its dedication to Houma and its surrounding areas. As the third generation owner of Cenac Marine Services, Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr., has carried on his grandfather’s commitment of hiring Louisiana employees. He also continues to work to elevate eco-friendly operations and also supports coastal restoration projects.

LWCC is a private, nonprofit mutual insurance company that is the largest workers compensation carrier in the state. Since 1992, LWCC has focused on the unique needs of Louisiana business and offers policyholders a full range of services under one roof. Their efforts to promote workplace safety and reduce claim costs have resulted in lower rates for all customers statewide. The Safest 70 Award is a large contribution to those efforts. While shipyards can prove to be hazardous work environments, they have recognized the job Benny Cenac and his team have done to mitigate and/or eliminate those risks through regular training, safety initiatives, investing in infrastructure improvements, and creating a culture of safety leadership.

Benny Cenac’s commitment to safety means constantly ensuring they are improving on systems already in place. In order to do so, the Cenac Safety Team holds daily toolbox safety meetings, monthly overall safety meetings and requires a variety of safety certifications for employees. The team responds quickly to safety recommendations made by LWCC and the company continues to invest in up-to-date PPE, renovations and upgrades to infrastructure. 

“The Cenac team continuously strives for the highest caliber of safety,” said Ulrich Johnson, senior loss prevention consultant for LWCC. “Making improvements and addressing safety recommendations-sometimes even on the day of LWCC’s visit. It’s this kind of commitment to safety – and to Louisiana – that makes Cenac Marine Services a Safest 70 Award recipient.” •