Merle Norman Spa & Salon making customers feel special

Claudet details T’bonne growth plans
June 4, 2013
Antoine J. Naquin Sr.
June 5, 2013
Claudet details T’bonne growth plans
June 4, 2013
Antoine J. Naquin Sr.
June 5, 2013

Merle Norman Spa & Salon’s owner Rayni Spaulding said she wants her customers to always feel special.

That’s evident from the second anyone walks into the studio located on 13301 West Main Street in Larose.

With a team of estheticians, makeup artists, cosmetologists and beauty consultants, Spaulding said Merle Norman Spa & Salon offers personalized care to all of the customers who make the decision to attend the local business for their personal care needs.

“We love to be able to give our customers our undivided attention when they are with us,” Spaulding said. “We love to be able to make people feel great about themselves. We truly believe in all of our products and our services, which makes our jobs her absolutely amazing.”

Spaulding has owned the Larose-based studio for more than a year now.

But she said her quest to business ownership actually started when she was a senior at South Lafourche High School.

Spaulding said it was during that year that she started working with Merle Norman Cosmetics and got affiliated with the company’s products.

“Then I moved to New Orleans for college and I worked for a Merle Norman studio there,” Spaulding said.

The current studio in Larose has been in existence for about four years now. Spaulding said it came up for sale a little more than a year ago.

Because of her experience with the products and its location, she decided to make a move.

“I instantly jumped on it,” she said. “The makeup and studio itself was a passion of mine for many years, and it came up at a great time for me.”

So what exactly is Merle Norman Spa & Salon all about? More importantly, why should someone take the time to visit the studio?

Spaulding said the answer to that question is simple – her business provides anything any customer could ever demand from a beauty studio.

She and two employees – Ashley Moore and Megan Ledet – are specially trained to give the customer the complete experience during each visit.

“Our store may look small, but we provide many services,” she said. “We offer facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, hair removal, cellulite reduction treatments and also body tone and lift treatments. We also do haircuts, colors, highlights, updo’s and styles for women, men and children. The store also does manicures and pedicures, as well as makeup applications for any and all events. We do lots of weddings, proms, parties – really all special events.”

But what also sets her store apart from other businesses is the low-risk environment that is present for the customer.

Spaulding said the spa and salon allows customers to experiment with products before they are purchased.

She said that service ensures a satisfied customer and also allows people to utilize the products that are best for them.

“All of our products can be tried before they are purchased,” she said. “We always say it in our store – ‘Try before you buy.’ This is one of our greatest selling points, because we want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with what we give them before they buy anything.

“I think this is what makes us different from any other cosmetic company out there.”

But for Merle Norman Spa & Salon, it ultimately all comes back to that one-on-one family-like feel.

Spaulding said that in her first year owning the business, people in the south Lafourche area have taken note and have frequently boosted the business’ numbers.

“Our customer base has increased so much in the past few months,” Spaulding said. “The more people begin to realize just how many great services we offer, the services will continue to grow for us, as well.”

But no matter how big the studio may become, the business owner said it will never lose its personality and roots.

Spaulding said customers will also get treated like kings and queens within the walls of her business.

It’s the premise of her business – she loves to make people feel special.

“Of course, we would all love to see the studio just continue to keep growing, but we also want to keep it a one-on-one type of place,” she said. “I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us. This is a passion for my team and I, and I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us. This is a passion for Ashley, Megan and myself, and all I want to see is all of us succeeding and loving what we do forever. We have the opportunity to make something great out of this, and I truly believe that we can do it.”

Merle Norman Spa & Salon employee Ashley Moore shows off the Larose beauty studio’s line of makeup. Owner Rayni Spaulding said her store allows customers to try before they buy – something that gives the business a unique advantage.