Plumbing Warehouse caters to customers’ needs

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February 19, 2013

Sinks, tubs, showers and toilets – The Plumbing Warehouse in Houma believes it has it all.

Whether a low-budget project or a high-end renovation, the store said it prides itself on being able to cater to any customer’s project.

Now in business for more than 30 years, The Plumbing Warehouse General Manager Steve Nealy said the store is a one-stop shop for anyone – commercial or residential – trying to fulfill his or her plumbing needs.

They are a wholesale company that sells products to plumbing contractors, building contractors and also individuals in need of a purchase.

“We can supply and we can accommodate any style that someone wants,” Nealy said. “Anyone can shop here. No matter what someone needs, we can give it to them.”

One of the biggest distinctions The Plumbing Warehouse has is its service.

Nealy said the store has more than a half-dozen employees – each trained with knowledge of the products sold at the West Main Street location.

For those in need of a quick fix, customers can quickly pick up the basic toilet, sink or tub.

For those wanting a more detailed look, the store features a showroom that gives customers a visual look at the products offered.

Nealy said each project quickly becomes personal to the business and its workers who seek to please the customer as best they can.

Showroom consultant Leslie Rodrigue sits down with buyers and walks them through the entire process – from start to finish.

“She’s really good at helping people to not feel overwhelmed,” Nealy said. “Because as one quickly sees when they come in here, we have a lot of options for them to consider.”

Rodrigue has 25 years experience with the business.

Her friendliness, combined with knowledge, is a huge asset, according to Nealy.

She said The Plumbing Warehouse is different from chain retail stores because of their willingness to sit and talk with customers, while aiding them throughout the entirety of a purchase.

“It’s personal,” she said. “They come in with their house plans and we do personal sit-downs and selection. We’ll give them their quotes and we’ll monitor the job from beginning to end. It’s the whole package. There’s no charge delivery and we are truly a part of a job until everything is installed and the project is over.”

“She works with the customer for the whole project,” Nealy added. “She’s with you when they order. She’s with you when the product comes in and then gets delivered. She coordinates with the plumber and the builder to make sure the product is at the location when the customer wants it there. And we take care of warranties. … If you buy on the Internet or out of town, if there’s a problem, guess what? You have a major problem. Here, it’s not that way.”

Aside from offering options for all price ranges, The Plumbing Warehouse said it prides itself on being friendly to people in every stage of life.

For younger, more modern buyers, Rodrigue said trends show that more contemporary products are more popular – like freestanding tubs and other newer inventions.

Nealy said one product becoming more popular is the customized shower, which allows a customer to have water and even body wash jetting out of multiple locations.

“A lot of people have been coming in here looking for these,” Nealy said. “They are actually really neat.”

But for the Baby Boomers, The Plumbing Warehouse also offers walk-in tubs and other products that can ease people into the sunset of their lives.

So with experience, a vast array of products and good service, The Plumbing Warehouse heads into the future.

With more than 30 years under their belts, they believe they are worth a look for anyone.

“People who come here are almost always happy with what we offer,” Nealy said. “We really take a lot of time and make a lot of effort to keep our customers happy.”

The Plumbing Warehouse’s state of the art showroom is loaded with products for every customer of every financial bracket. The store boasts it is the go-to spot for anyone with plumbing needs.