RelyOn Nutec Trusted Source for Training, Custom Solutions

Formerly a sector of Falck Safety Services, RelyOn Nutec of Houma has been serving South Louisiana and other areas along the Gulf Coast for 25 years.

RelyOn Nutec’s core services include safety and survival training, training management services, competency management, crisis management services and tailormade solutions.

Over 10,000 companies worldwide trust RelyOn Nutec — which has over 30 internationally recognized accreditations — with their safety training needs because of the company’s reliable, innovative, in-compliance and thorough 1,000-plus courses. The exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced instructors with RelyOn Nutec train more than 250,000 people a year in multiple industries — including maritime, wind, industrial and oil and gas.

“We have some of the best instructors in the industry,” said Jenni Lewis​, Managing Director of the RelyOn Nutec Gulf of Mexico region. “Also, they have access to all of our network systems and drives so they can get the latest versions of the curriculum or of the standards that they’re teaching.”

In addition to RelyOn Nutec’s superb instructors, it makes sure to keep dedicated professionals in all aspects of the business. From the front office personnel, who are always willing and able to answer questions for trainees and make sure to provide a smooth check-in process while helping in any way they can, to the supporting back office, all the employees go above and beyond.

“Our employees are everything,” Lewis said. “Not only do I think we offer the best services, but I think we have some of the best and most talented teams out there.”

“One thing I’m proud to say is that we are a majority direct hire. We use a very limited amount of contractors or consultants, which means everyone goes under annual reviews and everyone is within our competency framework internally,” she continued. “Everyone has development plans available to them, should they want to progress or transfer across the organization.”

Each of its centers are full-service campuses. Clients don’t have to piecemeal their training, Lewis explained, as they can take the multitude of requirements for their position when they visit a RelyOn Nutec training facility. “They can come to our locations and take everything they need. It reduces travel time. It reduces breaks in between training days and the multiple trips that they would take because we can service them across our safety campuses,” she said.

With a recently remodeled facility in Houston and a soon-to-be remodeled multimillion-dollar facility in Houma, RelyOn Nutec continues to improve its multipurpose campuses, too.

Having over 30 training centers in 20 countries that span across five continents, RelyOn Nutec is a multi-service, global leader in safety, survival and skills training.

Although RelyOn Nutec is an international company, it makes sure to cater to each local market it is in, including the areas along the Gulf Coast.

“We’re proud to serve the Gulf Coast,” Lewis said. “I know sometimes there’s a misconception with where headquarters might be. Of course, it’s one of our strengths that we’re an international company, but we were born and raised here across the Gulf Coast. So, it’s a local company that’s serving our local clients with their local needs, but with a big brother that enables us to support them broader as well.”•