Terrebonne General Prepares For A Brighter Tomorrow

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September 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022

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Terrebonne General Health System has been serving the community for over 65 years and has grown to serve people in every aspect of their lives. Terrebonne General prides itself on high-quality healthcare, preventative care, community outreach, and meeting the needs of the community in various avenues. It proves to be more than just a building but rather the people that make up the Terrebonne General family.

Terrebonne General is a state-of-the-art facility with 321 beds, approximately 1,500 employees, and 450 medical staff providers. The system has 42 specialties, various clinics that expand into lower bayou region communities, and satellite locations. With world-class specialties such as internal medicine, pediatrics, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology, the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and orthopedics, the system has specialties for every piece of the puzzle. 

The dedication of the experienced physicians and staff has led to Terrebonne General being recognized with many levels of distinction. With many prestigious awards and accreditations, they prove to provide high-quality care. Among many recognitions, awards include LOPA Hospital Platinum Award, Women’s Choice Award for Outpatient Experience, Gold Plus American Heart Association Mission: Lifeline-STEMI Receiving Center, Leap Frog Hospital Safety Grade- A, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center COC and QOPI Accreditations, and more.

Terrebonne General is committed to community outreach bringing many programs to lead to a higher quality of life. Just as the organization strives in care, they thrive in providing education to the community. “There’s an opportunity to educate our future generations about health, nutrition, activities, and exercise so that we end up having a new generation realizing that preventative care is a way of life,” Terrebonne General CEO Phyllis Peoples said.

The organization works hand-in-hand with local schools teaching about sports safety, health training, STEM programs, and has aided in COVID precautions since the onset of the pandemic. Terrebonne General also works with schools for Sudden Impact, a program that recognizes the issue of distracted driving among the youth. Not only does the program demonstrate the physical consequences of driving distracted, but it also takes the students through the judicial system process teaching life-long lessons. Terrebonne General also recognizes that local higher education is where the future of healthcare lies leading the organization to advocate and invest in programs at Fletcher Technical Community College and Nicholls State University. 

Alongside education, Peoples shared that the organization supports the belief that one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is recreation. The organization is the presenting sponsor for the Bayou Country Sports Complex and has worked beside local leaders to advocate for getting kids back to being active. Their passionate for supporting nutrition and lifestyle changes is exemplified by the establishing of the successful Market at the Marina which promotes community gatherings, overall health, and supports local small businesses.

Peoples grew up surrounded by family in the healthcare industry. A nurse by trade, Peoples has inherited a passion for caring for others. “You never forget where you started,” Peoples shared. “We’re taking care of friends, we’re taking care of family, and they have to trust you…We have the training and the expertise. We care immensely, and that’s the philosophy we push through this organization.” The organization continues to adjust and adapt to the needs of the community to keep residents close to home for quality acute and preventative care. 

“It’s not the brick and mortar, it’s not the building, it’s not the service, it’s the people,” Peoples said. The most prideful moment in her career was when Hurricane Ida ravaged the area and the staff of the organization was there to pick up the pieces despite their own homes being damaged. She said it was humbling to see the team come together through an unprecedented time to be creative to meet the needs and challenges of a natural disaster such as Ida. 

The morning after the storm revealed devastating damages, no running water, and no electricity. Due to the circumstances, they had to think quickly and get all 120 patients evacuated to other accommodating facilities. Following this decision, they were able to execute emergency services a week later utilizing tents, vans, drive-throughs, and anything else that met residents at their doorsteps for needed care. The CEO said they then set a goal of 30 days to reopen the largest healthcare facility in the region. This was no simple feat, however, Peoples graciously gives thanks to partners, staff, and faculty for making it happen. 

Being at Terrebonne General for 20 years has brought pride to Peoples. The system has grown in regards to employment, services, people, and partners. She shared they don’t expand or start anything new without having the people around them in support. She looks forward to continuing the push in preventative care and education.

Terrebonne General will continue to invest in technology, services, people, and be a community-focused organization. “Terrebonne General will always be the largest facility throughout the region to offer anything to care for our community,” Peoples said. The organization will continue to be strategic, dedicated, and committed to taking care of the people in and out of the region alike. They plan to expand services such as an on-site pharmacy that will be open to the public. 

“We would like to be a state-of-the-art place where people come for cardiovascular care, cancer care, and all the different specialties,” Peoples shared. Terrebonne General is striving to maintain their high-quality care with wonderful outcomes, “and we have achieved that in so many ways.