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Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) Wellness for Life offers solutions to improve employer’s workforce to help curb healthcare costs and increase productivity.

Over the last several decades, an epidemic of “lifestyle diseases” has developed in the United States. According to a study done by the RAND Corporation, unhealthy lifestyles, such as inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and frequent alcohol consumption, are driving up the prevalence of chronic disease, such as diabetes, and heart disease leaving Louisiana as one of the least healthy states in America. Terrebonne Parish continues to struggle with a large percentage of its residents facing major health complications: approximately 40 percent of Terrebonne Parish is obese, 20 percent smoke and 30 percent lack the recommended amount of physical activity. These chronic conditions have become a major burden, as they lead to decreased quality of life, premature death and disability, and increased health care cost.

Local corporations and their leaders can play an influential role in helping their employees choose healthier lifestyles, and this is not a one-sided arrangement. Both parties receive benefits from participating – healthy and productive workforces can have a significant impact on the bottom line as health-related productivity losses cost employers hundreds of billions of dollars every year. With the impact of chronic disease on employee health and well-being, the cost of health care coverage, and competitiveness, we are seeing more employers adopting health promotion and disease prevention strategies, commonly referred to as workplace wellness programs.

“We have been using The TGMC Wellness for Life program for 5 years now at Supreme Services to help run our health fair and other health functions through the year. Kirbie and her team are wonderful. They are always available to address any questions or concerns we have throughout the year. They make the process each year run as smoothly as possible and help get everything scheduled. They do onsite screenings very quickly and efficiently, which our employees enjoy. We are always pleased with the services we receive.”

– Lisa Blanchard, Supreme Services

TGMC’s Wellness for Life program helps curb healthcare costs, and is a proven investment on the abilities and loyalties of its workforce. Additional program benefits include reducing absenteeism, motivating employees and improving employees’ overall wellbeing. Healthier employees tend to be happier and more energetic, leading to greater productivity. Think about the impact on the entire community that would have.

The TGMC Wellness for Life program offers comprehensive onsite wellness screenings:

• Health History Questionnaire

• Blood Pressure & Resting Pulse

• Lipid Panel & Glucose Screening

• Body Composition Analysis

• Personalized Prevention Planning with a Nurse Practitioner

• Primary Care Physician referrals, if needed

•Follow-Up Calls for Abnormal Test Results

• Flu Shots

All of these benefits are delivered in real time so employees can return to work with an action plan for optimum health. The screenings don’t just stop there, additional services, like weight management programs, corporate lunch and learns and smoking cessation classes are some of the many options available.

TGMC’s Wellness for Life has the capability to produce healthier organizations, employees, families and community. The positive possibilities are endless and together, we can work towards creating a healthier community and leaving our low ranking health status behind.

Encourage your employer to become a part of the program. Dozens of local businesses have already done so. If you are a business owner and would like to learn more, please contact Kirbie LeCompte at TGMC Wellness for Life at 985.850.6208 or visit