Letters to editor

January 16, 2007

Dear Editor, How did we ever survive the ‘good old days’?

How did those of us born between 1939 and 1980 ever survive? First, we were born to moms who smoked and drank a beer or two […]
January 31, 2007

Dear Editor, Blanco needs to accept responsibility for her administration’s failures

Gov. Kathleen Blanco is at it again. She is now claiming the federal government is conspiring against her and the people of Louisiana. Her remarks last […]
February 6, 2007

Dear Editor,

This year approximately 4,000 Louisiana women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.ÜGiven this diagnosis, aÜrelatively low number of women are enrolled in the Sister Study from […]
February 13, 2007

Vitter’s View: Strengthening Louisiana’s health care system

As we continue to rebuild fromÜthe tragedy of Hurricanes Katrina and RitaÜwe have decisions to make about how our health care delivery system should be rebuilt […]