Letters to editor

December 9, 2009

Cap-and-trade deal scheme a concern for energy

Dear Editor: It is my concern that if the Senate does not stop the Kerry-Boxer energy bill, individuals of Louisiana, such as my father, who work […]
December 9, 2009

Landrieu working hard to reform healthcare

Dear Editor: U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has been under enormous pressure from supporters and critics of health-care reform, state officials and healthcare providers facing shortfalls in […]
December 9, 2009

Let’s be proud of the health-care debate, move forward

Dear Editor: Health-care reform. Those are two words that have strong meaning and strong implications for the vast majority of Americans. As a patient who cannot […]
December 23, 2009

Health reform draws fire

Dear Editor: My personal observation is that if the Democrats were seriously interested in reform, they are omitting some very obvious simple measures such as allowing […]