Letters to editor

July 9, 2013

Free screening to protect seniors from AAA – a silent killer

Dear Editor, The average person has either never heard of an aneurysm or assumes that it only occurs in the blood vessels in the head. Abdominal […]
July 16, 2013

Letter: Obamacare: Poster child for bad policy, Boustany says

Dear Editor, One of my fundamental beliefs serving South Louisiana in Congress is good policy makes for good politics. Good policy is the repeal of Obamacare […]
July 23, 2013

Teacher bashing will not fix state’s education woes

Dear Editor, As an experienced, retired educator I feel I must speak out about the serious damage being done to public education in Louisiana by Gov. […]
July 23, 2013

Letter: Affordable Care Act: Affordability promise is hard to swallow

Dear Editor, When the Affordable Care Act kicks in next year, some consumers and small businesses will find that it may deliver access to care – […]