Our View

April 3, 2008

Regular session begins

With two successful dry-runs under their belt, Louisiana legislators have had a chance to adjust to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s breakneck push to overhaul how the state […]
April 8, 2008

Count us right

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the 2010 census for New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana. The population count will determine whether our state […]
April 15, 2008

A split-second decision has lasting impact

It was likely a split decision … a hastily-made choice that will have lasting impact on the Folse’s and families along the stretch where the Gulf […]
April 22, 2008

‘The Good Earth’

“Forbes Magazine” has recently discovered what residents of the metro Houma area have long known: That ours is a vibrant, job-filled region of opportunities. The magazine […]