Our View

October 16, 2012

Our View: Electorate holds all accountable

In his autobiography, former U.S. Speaker of the House Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill coined the phrase, “All politics is local.” With that line, the statesman illustrated […]
October 23, 2012

Our View: Justice pick offers court’s example

The state of Louisiana took a judicial step forward last week when Justice Bernette Johnson was name to succeed Catherine “Kitty” Kimball as Chief Justice of […]
October 30, 2012

Voters head to the polls Tuesday

It is one of the most frightening times of the year. No, not Halloween. We are six days away from fulfilling our civic responsibility by selecting […]
November 6, 2012

Post-election results will be realized eventually

Voters cast presidential ballots for the 58th time yesterday. As of Tuesday morning those who had been elected to a second term included George Washington, Thomas […]