Raymond saadi

February 7, 2013

Great Reading: What I’ve Been Reading

SWEET TOOTH By Ian McEwan Nan A. Talese/Doubleday $26.95 “Sweet Tooth” is the code name given by MI5, England’s intelligence agency, to an operation designed to […]
March 1, 2013

Great Reading: More Excellent Titles

TOTALLY MAD Edited By John Ficarra Time Home Entertainment $34.95 Cheap If you’ve been a fan of Alfred E. Neuman and MAD Magazine during the past […]
April 3, 2013

Great Reading: A Fresh Look at Jefferson

JEFFERSON: THE ART OF POWER By Jon Meacham Random House $35 Meacham writes as though he were there, observing Jefferson the husband, father, statesman, politician, governor […]
May 1, 2013

Great Reading: Welcome to a Delightful Dinner

THE DINNER By Herman Koch Hogarth $24 The Lohman brothers and their wives meet for dinner at one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants to discuss their 15-year-old […]