Casey’s Corner

July 21, 2010

LeBron took the easy way out going to Miami

If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again – at least that’s what I was always told. Unless, of course, if you’re LeBron James […]
July 28, 2010

10 things that need to happen for Saints to repeat

Back-to-back Super Bowl champions. That’s something you just don’t hear much these days in today’s parity driven NFL. It’s like a dinosaur or a dodo bird […]
August 4, 2010

Fantasy Football 101: A rookie primer to gridiron games

The NFL preseason starts Sunday when my 2011 Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys take on the Cincinnati Bengals. What this means is two-fold. Firstly, I will […]
August 11, 2010

Time for Brett Favre to retire … for real this time

Imagine if I walked into my boss’s office tomorrow morning and said this: Me: “Excuse me, but I have an announcement to make.” Boss: “What’s that, […]