Helping drivers safely share the road with bicyclists and runners

Thursday, July 29
July 29, 2010
Ward Angeron
July 30, 2010

Now that summer is here, avid runners and bicyclists are out in droves, taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the activities they love. While it can sometimes be challenging to share the road with them, it’s important to keep driving safely top of mind, especially at this time of year.

You never know when someone on foot, or on a bike, is going to run out or pull out in front of you. Here are three tips for making sure you don’t end up crossing paths with a pedestrian.

1. Drive defensively – Sharing the road is important, and as the driver of a vehicle, you should always yield to runners and bicyclists. This is especially important during the warmer months, when more pedestrians and bicyclists are on the road. Even an accident at very low speeds can cause significant injuries to a runner or biker.

2. Avoid distractions – Since bikers and runners are more versatile than cars, they may appear in your lane without much warning. Always keeping your eyes forward and refraining from using your cell phone are the best ways to keep runners and bikers safe on the road.

3. Respect the bike lane – Remember that bike lanes are for bikes only. While traffic laws allow cars to temporarily merge into a bike lane when making certain traffic maneuvers, it’s important to remember to signal and watch closely for cyclists before you do so. And, of course, never park in or actively block a dedicated bike lane.

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