The Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office said a Cut Off resident arrested in December faces new charges after detectives found a cache of stolen property in the South Lafourche area.

Sidney Richard Sr., 49, was arrested again last week after detectives found tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen in his possession.

Investigators now are attempting to return the property to its owners and they need public help.

As previously reported, Richard was arrested in December when detectives found a vehicle containing stolen property at a Golden Meadow motel.

The suspect was arrested and charged with two counts of simple burglary and illegal possession of stolen things. He was released from jail on Jan. 8, 2019 after posting his bond.

When the investigation continued, detectives discovered tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property which Richard had allegedly accumulated. This caused LPSO to seek new arrest warrants against the suspect.

Detectives say Richard was attempting to see the stolen property using an alias on social media.

On Feb. 14, Richard was brought to the Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex due to his bond being surrendered.

He was booked again on the December charges, as well as with two counts of illegal possession of stolen things and one count of contempt of court for the Town of Golden Meadow.

His new bond is set at $65,000 and he has been ordered to pay $300 in fines and costs related to the contempt of court warrant.

Authorities, meanwhile, are seeking to find the owners of the stolen items that were recovered.

Many of the items appear to have been taken from residential sheds and self-storage facilities.

Some of the items appear to have also been stolen from shipyards or other industrial or construction sites.

The items recovered include industrial items, welding equipment, generators, golf clubs, power tools, shop vacuums and various electronics – to name a few. The were also numerous random items that people were keeping in self-storage units.

Investigators are in the process of contacting self-storage business owners in the South Lafourche area. In the meantime, self-storage business owners are asked to check their storage units for any signs of tampering, or units which may have locks on them that are not currently being leased. Anyone who is currently leasing a self-storage unit should also check their units to see if any items have been stolen. Residents and businesses in the South Lafourche area should also check outside sheds, carports, and patios to ensure no items have been stolen. Anyone who finds an item has been stolen, or any self-storage business owner who finds signs of tampering should contact Detective Steve Schieffler at (985) 532-4357.

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