“Love Hurts Roundup” Targeted “Deadbeat Dads”

In the cold dampness of a rainy morning, local law enforcement and officers of the court gathered for a roundup of “deadbeat dads,” who owed a combined total of $775,000.


The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Lafourche Parish District Attorney’s Office, led a roundup of 25 men who failed to pay child support, early Thursday morning, February 6th.


The purpose of the roundup was, “to send a broader message to the community,” said Webre. “That we are very serious about people who are not living up to their obligations and not taking care of their children.”

The roundup began early in the morning, before dawn, said Sheriff Craig Webre. Teams of five to six men carry out five to eight warrants each. According to Webre, 50 percent were apprehended.


Thibodaux Police Department and the Louisiana Office of Probation and Parole assisted in the roundup.


According to D.A. Kristine Russell, the individuals were targeted, not based off the amount they owed, but based off of the lack of effort to pay.


Lafourche Parish has an interconnected database that documents each contact law enforcement makes with individuals. Members of the Sheriff’s Office and the D.A.’s Office decide on who is avoiding payment, then use the database to locate said individuals for roundup.


The last roundup was 2 years ago.


Not all the targets were collected, but Webre said the effect of this roundup would cause an influx of payments from others.


“This is our attempt to encourage these individuals to start taking responsibility, to start making payments, and start taking care of their families,” said Russell.