Rhonda Dardar

The mother of a murder suspect has been charged as an accessory.

As reported earlier on HoumaTimes.com, Devante Matthews was arrested by Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office personnel today following a Crime Stoppers tip led officers to a home in Gray where the suspect was taken into custody, then turned over to the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office.

Matthews had been on the run since mid-May, wanted on second-degree murder charges for his alleged role in the death of Montegut resident Kirby Courteaux.

TPSO said today that the suspect's mother, Rhonda Dardar was warned in mid-May that if she helped hide her son from authorities that she would be charged.

"On Tuesday, when our officers came to her home, she again said she didn't know (Devante's) whereabouts," Daigre said. "Which was a lie."

Dardar was arrested this afternoon and taken to the Terrebonne Parish Jail.

She has been charged with accessory to murder after the fact.

Matthews has been taken to the Lafourche Parish Correctional Center where he will face the aforementioned second-degree murder charge.

Terance Dupre, of Montegut, was previously arrested and charged with the same crime and a 16-year-old is also being held for an alleged role in the incident.

“Although the actual murder occurred in Lafourche, and is therefore a Lafourche Parish case, Rhonda Dardar’s crime was committed here in Terrbonne,” Col. Daigre said. “We are well aware that Mr. Courteaux’s death devastated not only his family, but the larger community of Montegut. It is our hope that the arrest of Rhonda Dardar will give potential for additional healing and peace to all those affected.”

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