Thibodaux Police: Theft Suspect Identified and Arrested

Thibodaux Chief of Police Bryan Zeringue announced the arrest of Lacey Ordoyne (W/F, 22 of Houma, La.), for Theft Generally (Misdemeanor) & Remaining After Being Forbidden (Misdemeanor).


On Friday, March 27th, 2020, the Thibodaux Police Department responded to a theft that occurred at a business in the 400 block of N. Canal Boulevard. Upon arrival, it was learned that an unknown white female was captured on video stealing outdoor lawn chairs.


The investigation and video surveillance revealed that the unknown white female approached a register, with a barcode price tag for a chair that she was interested in purchasing. Once finding out the actual cost of the chair, she expressed that it was too expensive and proceeded back to the outdoor area in search of a cheaper chair. The female then proceeded back to the cash register with another barcode price tag taken from another chair, at which time she paid for one chair at the cheaper price.


Unfortunately, when the unknown female exited the rear portion of the store, she did not grab the actual chair she purchased for the cheaper price, but rather grabbed not one but two of the more expensive chairs that she expressed were too expensive and left the area.


The unknown white female was then posted to the Thibodaux Police Department’s social media site, asking for our community partners assistance with identification. The unknown white female was identified shortly after as Lacey Ordoyne.


Ms. Ordoyne then came into the Thibodaux Police Department; at which time she was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for the charge of Theft (Generally). Ms. Ordoyne was issued a future court date and released without incident.


Further investigation revealed that Ms. Ordoyne had stolen from this particular business on multiple different occasions dating back to 2015. Ms. Ordoyne was caught in July of 2015, April of 2018 and November of 2019, stealing from one of the business’ Houma locations. Ms. Ordoyne has been banned from all locations since April of 2018. Once learning of this ban, Ms. Ordoyne was called back to the Thibodaux Police Department, where she was issued another Misdemeanor Summons for Remaining After Being Forbidden.


Chief Zeringue would like to remind everyone that stealing is always taken very seriously inside the City Limits of Thibodaux, but during a time where we are under a Governor’s “Stay At Home” Order, there is no excuse for leaving your home and traveling to a neighboring parish to steal. If you do not have to go to work or leave your home to search for essential items to purchase, we ask that our community partners please obey this order and stay off the roadways.