Sheriff Jerry Larpenter released a video related to the Aug. 3 shooting that resulted in the death of Andrew Naquin, 30, of Houma.

Larpenter came to that decision after consultation with prosecutors and detectives. In addition, he also released more information about the case.

Larpenter said the case is still being investigated and some details cannot be released due to the potential presentation to a grand jury.

Three people were taken into custody on Saturday and were questioned, but were not charged in relation to the case.

“When the call came in our deputies were on the scene in less than three minutes,” Sheriff Larpenter said. “Widely circulated misinformation includes false statements about the number of shots fired. Our deputies recovered five shell casings. This video and other evidence indicate self-defense may be a factor. We have a good relationship with the district attorney’s office and its staff, and value their guidance. Our detectives are experienced and well-trained in determining if probable cause for an arrest exists. Prosecutors must ultimately be able to prove guilt of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.”

An altercation said to have occurred prior to the one leading up to the shooting did not involve the shooter or anyone with him, Larpenter said on Monday.

Video shows Naquin and a companion shoving, striking and knocking down several men behind and toward the right side of a vehicle.

TPSO said on Saturday that Naquin was the aggressor in the incident.

The shooting occurred in front of the vehicle, out of the camera’s range, all within a matter of seconds.

“This is in all ways an open investigation,” Sheriff Larpenter said. “We ask that anyone who witnessed this shooting or has relevant information to call (985) 876-2500.”

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