Bayou Cane Cafe & Coffee Shop

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June 2, 2011
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Hot beignets where folks know your name

Walking into Bayou Cane Cafe and Coffee Shop, I was greeted by roars of laughter and the aroma of breakfast thick in the air.

Open as early as 6 a.m., the cafe serves breakfast and lunch, with a simple menu served fresh off the grill and made to order. It doesn’t take long to realize that this establishment is not your contemporary wi-fi hotspot, rather a place for locals to swap stories over beignets and a cup of coffee.

Sitting around the bar, I watched as two servers rushed around the cafe pouring coffee and wishing customers good luck on the long day ahead. The breakfast clientele was divided among patrons in work shirts ready to start their day, and conversationalists sipping coffee over grilled biscuits.

It was still breakfast time around 9 a.m., the cafe serves breakfast all day but has a lunch menu that kicks in at 11 a.m. until close.

One of the two servers briskly servicing tables greeted me and offered coffee and a menu. The menu for Bayou Cane Cafe and Coffee Shop offers all the traditional staples of a hot American breakfast along with a small lunch comprised of grilled burgers, traditional hot sandwiches and fries.

After asking for advice for a hearty breakfast, the server suggested the Cajun Omelet ($8.99).

Bayou Cane Cafe’s menu doesn’t stray from the staples of breakfast, and nothing pops out as a specialty house item. What it does offer is a simple selection of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes along with breakfast oatmeal and grits. At lunch, the fare includes grilled burgers and chicken and club sandwiches.

One item that does set the menu apart is the fresh beignets. Fried and topped with powdered sugar, frying a good beignet is troublesome and not for novice cooks. It’s something many people will travel for to enjoy.

In case you’re new to the area, or have been tucked away living in the swamp, beignets are hot pieces of fried dough topped with powdered sugar. They’re always best fresh.

My server arrived with my beignets (three for $2.25) hot, fresh and coated with a cloud of powdered sugar. The warm dough mixes with a hint of sugar and makes an irresistible companion with coffee and chatter. Bayou Cane Cafe’s beignets can satisfy any person craving fried dough!

The combination of beignets and coffee can somehow spark loud conversation. And the cafe windows provide plenty of natural light, making this a cozy conversation place.

After 25 minutes lost in the gab flowing freely around the cafe, my server delivered my omelet. Prepared on a large white platter, it was a lot of food.

The Cajun Omelet contains onions, peppers, shrimp, ham and cheese all folded neatly in a bright and fluffy omelet. Cutting into this well-made, four-egg dish unlocked the delicious aroma of ham and shrimp, a combination I regret not trying sooner. The omelet itself is quite large and has a consistent flavor and texture cooked through and through. The dominant flavor of ham is balanced well with the other ingredients.

The omelet dish, like most breakfast entrees, includes a choice of grits, hash browns, biscuit or toast.

Sharing the platter was a large serving of piping hot, grilled hash browns. This stack of lightly seasoned potato strings was grilled hot and pressed down to sear the stack, allowing for the dual consistency of crunch and mashed potatoes.

The entree as a whole was well constructed, emphasized the natural flavor of the ingredients, and allows for an old-fashioned breakfast served hot off the grill.

Sometimes it feels good to take a break and relax over a long breakfast with friends and family. With the growing number of themed restaurants and fancy affairs, it’s good to know there is still a place that you can go to find home-cooked food and old-fashioned ticket receipts.

When eating at Bayou Cane Cafe and Coffee Shop, expect a laid back experience, friendly service and tasty food served hot and made to order.

Bayou Cane Café & Coffee Shop 6613 W. Park Avenue Houma, LA 70364 (985) 851-2329 Mon.-Fri., 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sat. & Sun., 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.