We’re number one, but who cares

Alfred "Pappy" Brunet
July 30, 2009
Joseph Henry Elkins
August 3, 2009

When I was young, I remember listening to a commercial for Tide laundry detergent. It was a standard “kid gets clothes dirty, mom gets clothes clean with Tide” commercial, but with a new slogan.

“Tide: the best detergent on American soil.”

The slogan was memorable and gave the impression that Tide was the best detergent in the country. However, the slogan only attested to Tide’s ability to clean soil from clothes. It is possible that another detergent was better at cleaning grease stains or brightening whites.

Anybody could say they are number one … but number one at what?

In the 1980s, the ABC television network had the highest rated shows on television.

Every hour, a promo ad ran touting “We’re still the One” … they don’t do that anymore.

Today, Fox News Channel claims to be “cable’s top news network,” USA claims to be “cable’s number-one network,” Nickelodeon is “2008’s Number-One Basic Cable Network” and MSNBC is the “number one news network among younger viewers.”

The other cable and broadcast networks also claim to be number one but in different areas.

With everyone claiming to be number one, most consumers have become apathetic to the term.

So, it is with much reserve that I promote the awards bestowed Saturday on the Tri-Parish Times & BusinessNews by the Louisiana Press Association.

Newspapers in Louisiana are divided into seven categories based on circulation frequency and quantity. The Tri-Parish Times competes each year for honors among 22 weekly newspapers in the state with circulation over 3,001 – one of the largest categories in the competition.

Each Louisiana newspaper is judged by members of another state’s press association. These newspaper professionals review each entry and award the best. However, only one newspaper in each category receives the coveted “Newspaper of the Year” award.

Tri-Parish Times was one such newspaper – receiving the top award in Division 5 for two years in a row.

The Houma Courier competed against four other newspapers and also took the top spot this year in their category.

We are proud of the accomplishments of the Tri-Parish Times’ staff, and challenge them to continue the excellence.

As for this column … the newspaper industry honored me with the third place award for best column. They also honored me with second and first place – a clean sweep.

Thank you to the judges – whoever you are – and a special thank you to you for reading the Tri-parish area’s “Number One Newspaper” (among weekly newspapers in the state of Louisiana with circulation over 3,001).

We’re number one, but who cares? … We do.