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Benoit VOWs to keep our voice heard
October 19, 2011
Take a tour with ‘Swamp People’
October 19, 2011
Benoit VOWs to keep our voice heard
October 19, 2011
Take a tour with ‘Swamp People’
October 19, 2011

With a newly renovated space and plenty of local interest, Geaux Fish Sushi and Hibachi has given Thibodaux a place to enjoy fresh and exciting Japanese cuisine.

Located next door to Rouses supermarket on Audubon Avenue (next to Nicholls State University), this hotspot has a large menu and electric atmosphere.

Geaux Fish’s interior is appealing to the senses. As I walk into a busy dinnertime crowd, the aromas of fresh Hibachi and fried rice fill the air, and the clanking of spatulas teamed with guests’ laughter make for a cozy space.

The contemporary dining atmosphere has good lighting and polished steel with old Japanese bamboo moldings and interesting decorations. A nice touch, too, is the large samurai ship that hangs over the sushi bar. Although Geaux Fish is relatively small, it is nicely divided to accommodate a decent crowd. Ample lighting and plenty of action create an enjoyable atmosphere with plenty to keep the eyes busy.

The restaurant’s diverse menu offers Hibachi, sushi, soups, seafood salads, noodles, rice and other Japanese specialties.

Right away, guests are given the choice of sitting at the sushi bar, hibachi grill or general dining area. In the dining area, I had a good view of the sushi bar and the Hibachi tables. My server was quick to take my order and suggest the drink specials. I ordered the Shrimp Tempura ($6.25) appetizer, a combination of fried rice ($9) and a Thibodaux Roll ($12.95). The roll is the house special and was recommended by the server.

Typically, shrimp tempura consists of large shrimp and an array of breaded vegetables coated with a cold batter that results in a light, crispy texture that is uniquely Japanese. My order exceeded my expectations. The fried assortment of shrimp, onion, yam, zucchini and mushrooms was arranged around a cup of sweet dipping sauce was delivered fresh and piping hot. The crispy outside texture accents the various flavors, creating a perfectly fried platter that is light and flavorful rather than rich.

Perhaps one of the best things about this dish was the addition of Japanese Tentsuyu sauce – a soy sauce infused with a unique blend of sweet and savory Japanese herbs. Enjoying the almost addicting sauce with the different vegetables on the platter was easy. The great thing about this tempura dish is that it gives the eater a wide range of flavors and textures to enjoy and provides great variety.

Meanwhile, the Thibodaux Roll is constructed using soy paper and includes crawfish, shrimp tempura, and avocado as the base for the roll, and includes layers of snow crab, tempura flakes, and eel sauce – a combo of soy sauce, sugar and a wine-based sauce. (It’s worth noting there are plenty of rolls to choose from, many a nod to the community: the Colonels’ Roll, NSU Roll, Louisiana Roll and Fire on the Bayou among them.)

The colorful presentation of the roll fanned across the plate made for an appealing dish. The roll was as large as it was beautiful with all the different ingredients visible inside the roll. The delicious thing about larger sushi is that the many flavors have a way of combining and satisfying the taste buds in a single bite. The Thibodaux Roll’s prevailing flavors – shrimp and crawfish – are complimented by sweet crab and salty eel sauce. The flavors work well together and satisfy seafood cravings.

Eel sauce and spicy mayo accompany Geaux Fish’s rolls. Unlike some rolls, the Thibodaux Roll is very large and almost a challenge to keep intact while eating. This may not be for everyone but is appreciated by those who like strong flavor or have a hearty appetite.

Fried rice is the essential dish of Japanese Hibachi cuisine and can contain many different ingredients. I ordered the combination to sample all of them.  Made with chicken, beef, shrimp, scrambled eggs, onions and other vegetables, the large plate of rice was well received. Each ingredient complimented the next. This large portion of rice was bursting with freshly cooked flavor and was very moist, and the addition of broccoli helped to create a hearty dish one can appreciate either as a side or as an entrée.

Thoroughly enjoying my meal, I was impressed with the wide range of flavors and enjoyed the large portions of food. I vow to return to enjoy both the Hibachi and sushi bar. Hot food, generous portions and an inviting atmosphere make Geaux Fish a great dining choice for Thibodaux residents, as well as anyone who enjoys good sushi and freshly prepared Japanese cuisine.


Geaux Fish Sushi & Hibachi



1129 Audubon Ave., Thibodaux

Phone: (985) 493-3474



Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., 5 to 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, noon to 10 p.m.

Sunday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Shrimp Tempura – $6.25

Thibodaux Roll – $12.95

Fried Rice combo – $9

Geaux Fish