One Tank Getaways: Grand Isle’s got the goods

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June 2, 2015
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June 2, 2015

With a sparkling Gulf of Mexico beach that’s home to hundreds of species of fish, pale white sand and loads of sunshine (on most days), it’s pretty easy to mistake Grand Isle as a one-trick pony – a place that’s solely a beach and fishing destination.

But those assumptions would be wrong. The small island community offers much more than that.

Residents of Grand Isle tout that the island has become a tourist destination – a place that men, women and children of all ages can enjoy because of its variety of activities. A look at some of Grand Isle’s destinations show that it is exactly that – a spot that all comers can enjoy.

Like water? Of course, the island has tons of that. Want to be a daredevil within the H2O? There’s an opportunity for that, as well.

At Wake Side Marina and Cable Park, adventure-goers are able to open-water wakeboard through the facility’s cable system, which mechanically creates forward motion while riders cruise through the water.

It’s just like being on a wakeboarding trip, except without the boat. It’s an experience that most remember for a while.

But if water isn’t your thing, then Grand Isle still can be a destination spot. The island is home to the famous Grand Isle State Park, which has fishing piers, nature watching points and hiking trails.

Grand Isle also hosts a butterfly dome that is the home of hundreds, if not thousands of colorful butterflies that can put a smile on the face of any nature lover’s face. •