Take a tour with ‘Swamp People’

Geaux Fish
October 19, 2011
Big Apple meets the West Bank
October 19, 2011

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours has an added attraction: “Swamp People” guides Troy and Jacob Landry.

Opening night only, Oct. 7, tours through the swamps of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Wildlife Refuge end with a visit from the Landrys. Tickets for the grand opening are $40 for adults and $10 for children age 12 and under.

Forget haunted houses, this ride includes eerie creature sounds, rolling foggy mist and red-eyed alligator sightings. Native boat captains also enchant guests with stories of mystery, torture and bayou lore. Tickets (excluding Oct. 7) through Oct. 30 are $25 per person. Concessions are sold.

For more information, call (504) 529-4567.

Swamp People