Service always a priority: Shockwave Electric takes pride in caring for customers

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July 11, 2018
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July 11, 2018

When a hurricane rolls through the Gulf of Mexico and hits Louisiana’s coast, families can sometimes go days without power. While those days without power can translate into torturous hours in the summer heat without air conditioning and lights, having a generator at the ready can alleviate some of that stress and worry. That’s where the local professionals at Shockwave Electric come in. 

Jamey Hebert stands at the helm of the family-owned-and-run Shockwave Electric with his son Alec as Vice President, and Robert Iacono as Executive Vice President of Operations. Jamey’s wife Madge serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the company and their teenage son Andy also works for the company, along with 13 other employees. Jamey has transitioned into running the business full-time since retiring from the Houma Police Department in April 2017 with 25 years of service. He started out in 1990 with Hebert’s Electric. In 2013, after Alec graduated from high school, he permanently closed Hebert’s Electric to open Shockwave Electric with his son, focusing only on standby generators. They started installing Generac generators after Hurricane Katrina when they discovered the need for emergency generators in homes. 

Shockwave Electric, now in their new location at 503 South Hollywood Road in Houma, sells, services and installs Generac generators. Shockwave Electric is a PowerPro Elite Plus Dealer, and has the most Generac-certified factory trained technicians in the tri-parish area. They stock the largest quantity of Generac generators and genuine Generac parts in the area. Shockwave Electric deals with Generac due to their shared values when it comes to customer service. 

In 2017, Shockwave Electric was recognized at the annual Generac Dealer Conference and given the prestigious “Excellence in Utilization of PowerPlay” award for the highest sales close rate in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Their new, larger storefront allows Shockwave Electric to maintain a higher quality of service for all their current and future customers. Shockwave Electric also recently opened a commercial division for electoral and generator work, and was awarded the electrical contract for Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government and the Terrebonne Parish School District.  

At Shockwave Electric, service is key. Unlike big box stores that use out-of-town electrical companies for installations, Shockwave Electric, with its team of local employees, provides sales, service and installations. Customers always come first, with both service after the sale and in priority when it comes to service. Everyone who purchases from Shockwave Electric becomes part of the “extended family.” 

“If you buy it from us and something happens, we are going out to fix it,” shares Jamey. “We want the product to work and we want customers to be happy. Service after the sale and customer satisfaction is very important to us.”

According to Jamey, the company gets particularly busy as hurricane season approaches. While the actual installation process may take anywhere from one day to a week of actual work, the wait from ordering to installation can be anywhere from two to eight weeks. They have two crews running five days a week to complete the installs.  

“We stress that if you want a generator, don’t wait until the storm is in the Gulf,” says Jamey. “It’s just not going to happen in that time frame.”

While the wait may be challenging, an effective and assured installation outweighs the time saved. Jamey said he and his team are required to attend classes every two years to be re-certified on servicing and installing Generac generators. That kind of up-to-date knowledge is critical to doing a thorough installation job correctly the first time. 

“The worst part is having one installed quickly but it not being installed properly from lack of knowledge and not working when you expect it to work,” Jamey said.

Jamey said families should prepare for hurricane season by checking their generators and the supplies needed for them. He advises families to make sure their generator is operational well before a hurricane forms so Shockwave Electric’s 24/7 service team can address any issues ahead of a storm.

“When a hurricane is in the Gulf, we can get 400-500 calls regarding service,” shares Jamey. “We will always take care of our customers first. But we do like to get out before the season picks up to make sure that when you need it, your generator is working.”

Shockwave Electric is focusing on keeping homes lit up when the power lines go down. And they have the people in place to ensure that the company and its priorities stay in place for years to come. 

 “Alec is taking over a bulk of the work I was doing and is running with the company in ways I never imagined,” smiles Jamey. “He has the same attitude as me, that customer service comes first. Some day, I hope he and Andy will take over for me.” •