Reader: Real American movement needed

Ariel Lynn Guidry
November 11, 2008
Southern Smith
November 13, 2008

Dear Editor:

Well it’s happened. The Republican ‘never’lution has ended. In fact, as that term implies, it never started. The lie that the current political apparatus really intends to work for a better America should finally be exposed. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Witness the “Obamination” (strangely appropriate dyslexia) of this past election. Thanks to the putrid performance of the neo-conservative Republicans, the media-mesmerized electorate, harkening to the single word “change,” votes into the oval office the most radical liberal ever to pretend to be a statesman.

But unlike others who suspect radical “change,” I expect more of the same.

The liberal Clinton regime was followed by the more liberal and expansive Bush regime. And it will continue under Obama.

In fact, it is precisely because there is no real difference between the two approved “options” that voter apathy has risen to record levels. This election had the highest voter turnout in 40 years and still over 35 percent of the electorate refused to vote!

That is what needs correcting. The sleeping giant of Americans-disgusted-with-the-system needs to awake. There are more non-voters than party apparatchiks.

Get up, get involved, vote for principled candidates and hold fast to the Constitution.

Let’s start a “Real American Movement” in both parties. When we do, we will win.

David Simpson,