Reader sides with TPT publisher

July 22
July 22, 2008
Medric J. "Spud" Auenson
July 24, 2008

Dear Editor:

I truly appreciate and totally agree with the views of Tri-Parish Times Publisher Darrin Guidry concerning the recent graduation at Ellender High School in Houma.

A rare situation occurred in which two bilingual students, Cindy and Hue Vo, earned the title of valedictorian.

Cindy and Hue Vo, of Vietnamese heritage, read their speeches in both English and in a language they still hold as their own. Some in attendance considered this to be inappropriate and it made them uncomfortable.

I feel, however, that this added a little sparkle to this graduation ceremony and that most in attendance were probably pleased with the manner in which this was done.

An organization known as CODIFIL is dedicated to keeping the French language and culture alive, but the members feel that they have to go through maintaining the policy as it has been for many years at the beginning of each school year. The policy, it is said, will remain as it is already set and many people feel that it should become permanent if it is not already.

These two honor students took a rare opportunity to speak to their Vietnamese parents, grandparents and great-grandparents – and maybe even their great-great-great grandparents – who do not speak or understand America’s language, English. What a joy for these graduates, who each earned the title of valedictorian.

Sandra Robichaux