Reader suggests ink stain to stop voter fraud

James "Jim" Taylor Folse
October 21, 2008
October 23
October 23, 2008

Dear Editor:

I and many patriotic American voting citizens are deeply concerned about voter fraud in the upcoming November elections. This has been well documented in recent news reports.

I strongly believe that a cheap, efficient, easily effective prevention to voter fraud should be immediately implemented in all federal elections.

This can be accomplished through executive mandate within current regulations.

I propose the following:

An ink stain procedure be required on the finger of every person voting, no ink stain on finger then no vote. If an ink stain is already present, then no further voting.

This was recently accomplished in Iraq and will easily prevent voter fraud. No honest voter should object to this procedure.

Thank you and I urge you to immediately take the necessary steps to implement this procedure.

For state elections, the individual states can implement their own procedures at such time in the future. However, we need this now for the November federal elections.

Darryl K. Christen,

Attorney at Law,