Too many sugar cane trucks in highway crashes

Norris Robichaux
November 19, 2007
Leon Sylvester
November 21, 2007

Dear Editor,

In recent weeks, there have been numerous vehicle crashes involving sugar cane trucks. In the last week alone, your Troop C troopers have investigated at least seven crashes involving cane trucks.

State police would like to remind all drivers to use caution when traveling since we are well into the season where these trucks are on the roads.

In the recent crashes involving sugar cane trucks, both general motorists and truck drivers have been equally at fault. Motorists and sugar cane truck drivers are not driving as defensively as they should when traveling on roadways.

Captain Val Penouilh, commander of Troop C, and all Troop C Troopers want every motorist to arrive at their destinations safely. Always be aware of your surroundings, such as large trucks carrying loads, while traveling on roadways.

Motorists should also keep distractions while driving to a minimum. Being aware and alert will help to prevent crashes from occurring.

Troopers would also like to remind motorists to dial *LSP (*577) anytime they witness a driver who seems to be driving erratically on roadways. Your help in practicing safe driving, as well as reporting any vehicle that is not traveling safely on our roads, will help to decrease crashes in our area.

Remember, driving defensively means not only taking responsibility for your driving actions, but also keeping a focused eye on “the other guy.” “The Other Guy” is everyone else driving around you!!!

TFC Gilbert Dardar Jr.,

Public Information Officer,

Louisiana State Police Troop C