43 Years of Family Christmas Tradition Brings Joy to All Those Around

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December 24, 2021
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Earl and Julie McElroy have been bringing Christmas cheer to not only their family but the community as a whole for 43 years.

Julie McElroy shared that they have been living in the house for 43 years and Christmas decorating started out small in the beginning. It has since grown every year into what it is today. The outside of their home displays thousands of lights and a display that will bring the spirit of Christmas to anyone. Not only is the outside of the home bright, but they also decorate the inside of their home that is SO Merry and bright. They have a Christmas tree in literally every room of the house along with lights and decorations. Despite the debate of when it’s “appropriate” to decorate for Christmas, the family starts well before Thanksgiving to make sure the display is done for the Christmas season. She said that it’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding, and she loves decorating every year. She shared a comment from her niece that compared their home to a Hallmark movie, and she was exactly right. The tradition doesn’t stop at the light display, Santa has been making an appearance at the home for so long they said the children that visited the home back in the day are now bringing their own children to see Santa at their home.

Julie shared that they were not sure they would be able to do the display this year due to roof damage from Hurricane Ida. They needed their roof to be redone in order to decorate and call it a Christmas miracle, they were able to get the repairs done in time for Earl to start decorating in September. She said she would like to tell those struggling this year that might not be in good spirits, “I hope Christmas brings them a little peace and gives them hope for the future.”

The McElroys made sure the magic of Christmas was present for their children growing up. Their daughter, Misty McElroy said growing up living in the home around Christmas time was magical, “Falling asleep to the glow of the lights outside my window is one of my favorite childhood memories,” she said, “It’s so great to see people I went to school with bring their kids by to see the lights. They tell me how much they and their kids love it and it makes my heart happy.”

It’s not too late to see the Christmas display and visit Santa! Santa Claus will be at the home from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight for Christmas Eve. You can find the bright home at 142 Cleveland Street in Houma.


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