A “GorJess” Little (pink) Free Library is Coming to Downtown Thibodaux

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December 31, 2021
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December 31, 2021

Writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and owner of Hello GorJess, Jessica Rebstock, is excited to give back to her favorite town of Thibodaux with a Little (pink) Free Library in Downtown Thibodaux.


Just in time for Hello GorJess’ fifth birthday, the library will be coming to the downtown area in early 2022 right next to Takerz Gym. Her vision is for the library to be an active part of downtown Thibodaux. A place where parents can bring their children, leave a book, take a book, and share the love of literature. She said she has always felt a calling on her heart about children’s books and has always loved going to the library. “This has been a really hard year for everyone,” she said,” I feel like it’s taken a lot away from a lot of people and I know a lot of families that were affected and lost everything, especially kids.” She recollected that she loved her book collection as a child. She started thinking about the children who lost everything, including their books and immediately was inspired to try and do something about it. That’s when people got together to donate books to help rebuild children’s home libraries to help bring a little more color to their lives.


Right before Christmas, her friend who lives down the bayou where a majority of families experienced loss, was able to disperse the donated books to those who needed them most at her children’s elementary school. After this, Rebstock still wanted to do more to give back to the community. She said she noticed downtown they have a boutique that had a library, “that kind of got my wheels running,” she said. She led her to contact Danielle Stein, Executive Director of Thibodaux Main Street Inc., to share the idea of a Free Little Library and to see if any locations were ideal for it. The next thing she knew, Stein got back with a location, and Rebstock has been excitedly planning the library since then.


Rebstock has always wanted to be an entrepreneur since she can remember, and in 2017, she launched her website hellogorjessblog.com. The site was originally supposed to be a lifestyle blog, but she quickly realized she has a passion for inspiring and promoting personal development for women. She has always had a love for literature and recently accomplished her goal of publishing a children’s book, “Sophie’s Saturday Adventure,” which is a book she wrote while in college inspired by her childhood. 


“I really loved books as a kid and I wanted to give back in that literature capacity and I felt that Downtown Thibodaux was the perfect spot. I’m so thankful to Danielle for being so gracious and finding a spot for it,” she said,” I’m really excited to get it up and running!”


The little library is being built by her father and she will do the creative “cutesy” side of the details. She described the aesthetic details vividly and said can’t wait to donate it in February once all of the pieces come together. She is specifically looking for local writers and artists to donate literature for The Free Little (pink) Library to help promote local artistry, so if you’re one of those creative people that has a book ready to be shared in the pink library, simply reach out to her via Facebook, on Instagram, or email her at hellogorjess23@gmail.com.


“I just feel like people are going to love this,” she said,” We just been through so much and my goal is to bring something good to the community that has taken such a hard hit…I love giving back, I love helping, and my goal is just to bring goodness to our community. Our local area is so resilient and I feel like we’re always going to come back bigger, better, stronger, and I want to be a part of that. This is just a very small contribution,” she shared.