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September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020

A beef patty on a bun in its simplest form, the hamburger is one of the most popular menu items in the world, with an estimated 40 billion being served in the United States annually. From countless blogs to TV shows, enthusiasts have traveled far and wide to discover the best hamburger. 


But if their travels took them southwest of New Orleans, they could stumble across a food establishment noted to have the “best burgers in the galaxy.” 


My editor Mary and I recently visited Miss Maggie’s for our lunch break. Located at 1400 W. Tunnel Blvd. in Houma, in addition to burgers, the restaurant offers seafood platters and po’ boys, chicken wings and tenders, salads, appetizers and daily specials. 


For starters, we chose the handmade onion rings. This massive pile of battered onions certainly did not disappoint us. The crisp rings leaned more to the thin side, but each one packed a punch as the batter delivered an excellent taste. And the sweet signature sauce lifted the taste of the appetizer to a new level. The only complaint we had is that the crumbs were strewn all over the table after we were finished — which may have been due to the pace at which we devoured them. 



Next, it was time to attempt to conquer the “Best Burger in the Galaxy.” I ordered the cheeseburger with bacon, grilled onions and a fried egg, and for my side, I went with pork skins. 


I believe I saw two moons orbiting the massive sandwich as it came out of the kitchen. The behemoth of a hamburger came with a knife impelled in the middle, which I was quick to use — something that I have been opposed to when coming across more modest burgers in the past. 


Indeed, the enormous cheeseburger was an awe-inspiring sight, but the taste called for reverence as well. The juicy patty, though thick and cooked more on the well-done side, oozed with flavor. The bacon and egg, both satisfyingly prepared, complemented the patty and lightly-toasted delicious bun of the burger. 


Reaching my limits before I even finished half of the burger, I saved some room for the fresh pork skins, which had an enjoyable right amount of crunch and seasoned well, adding to the overall delightful lunch experience. 


Failing to conquer the “Best Burger in the Galaxy” there, I brought home a packed to-go box to finish the job at a later time. 


Mary ordered the catfish on a bun, a monster of a sandwich in its own right. She said it was delicious, too, with a tartar sauce that “was to die for.” She also noted that the fish was even great to eat cold for lunch the next day.